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Sigmund Freud "SuperEgo" Menorah

Sigmund Freud "SuperEgo" Menorah

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One of kind Sigmund Freud Menorah!

Hand-crafted Freud Menorah from repurposed Sigmund Figure, wooden tiles that spell, "SUPEREGO", gold dreidel shamash, wood plaque, golden aluminum candle cups, acrylic paint and wooden feet.

This is a conversation starter for the intellectuals visiting during the holiday gatherings! Talk over Freud's psychoanalytic theory of the moral conscience.

Holds standard-size Chanukah candles in sturdy aluminum cups.

This Menorah is a work of art and intended for decorative purposes. This menorah contains combustible materials (wood). We cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury incurred by burning candles in this menorah. If you burn candles in this holder and assume the risk and responsibility for any injury or damage: Never leave candles unattended. Burn within sight.


Keep away from other flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Do not place in oven or submerge in water.


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